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McKae Designs: Transforming Spaces, Transforming Lives

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One house, one family at a time.

We don't change your style, we enhance your design.  


At McKae Designs, LLC., we are not just another interior design company. We take pride in reading our clients and recognizing what they truly need. We use our skills and experience to design spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We pay attention to every detail, from the placement of furniture to the selection of color schemes, to create spaces that are truly unique and meaningful to our clients. Our commitment to expert customer service ensures that every client has an exceptional experience from start to finish. Aren't you ready to experience the magic of McKae Designs? 

McKae Designs:
Experience The Design Difference. 

 McKae Designs is different in the fact we don’t push our design ideas or preferences onto our clients. We cultivate a personalized design plan based on our clients' unique life stories, passions, and lifestyle then blend all that together to create a one-of-a kind beautiful space. We focus on flow, cohesiveness, and functionality in each room. However, our main objective is to bring joy and happiness into homes and the people who live in them. Are you ready to experience the unique McKae Designs difference?

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At McKae Designs,

we believe your unique life experiences, personality and lifestyle should be reflected in your home's interior.

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Meet Your Designers

You get 2 designers for the price of one. With over 30 years of combined experience, rest assure your interior design project is in capable and confident hands. Michaela and Karen will make sure every detail is handled.

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Our Service Packages

Package 1: "Stepping In"

Package 2: "Stepping Up"

Package 3: 

"Stepping Up"

Package 4: "Organizational Bliss"

Package 5:

"Elevated Events"

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       Package One: "STEPPING-IN"


 We help you format a personalized home design plan into an easy-to-follow cohesive outline. Our main goal is to “step-in” and provide you with a custom design guide that will give you the confidence, and know-how to execute your design project easily and efficiently.


How It Works

  You will contact us via email. We will then send you a questionnaire to fill out. Once you submit the completed form along with some inspirational images, we will reach out and schedule an in-home visit. This 2-hour visit allows us the opportunity to get to know you, while fine tuning your design vision. During this time, we will assess your space, take measurements, photos, videos and more. We will strategize the best way to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of your spaces. At the end of the visit, we will set up the final in-home meeting. During the second in-home visit, we go over your personalized easy- to-follow design guide which includes a detailed itinerary listing specific recommendations for furniture, décor, paint colors, estimated cost, project timeline, and so much more. At the conclusion of this visit and when payment is rendered, you will be armed and ready to implement your design project with the instruction and assistance of your step-by-step design guide. OR.....better yet, let us handle it all in Package Two!!

*Please know McKae Designs devotes a minimum of 12 hours developing your individualized design plan.

Package One Price 


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Package Two: "STEPPING UP"

If design implementation isn’t for you, then you will love our Package Two! This package allows us to “step up our game” and implement your project itinerary. From shopping for unique finds to coordinating renovations and upgrades, we provide a hands-on approach to your home design. Whether we oversee a whole project or just a specific area, you decide how involved we are in your design process.   

How It Works:   When you are ready for Package Two, just say the word. It’s that easy! Once Package One is concluded, you move right into Package Two. You will receive an email containing your customized design itinerary, along with an estimate of our design fees. Once the project is reviewed and agreed upon, the fun starts! Now, sit back and relax, while we transform your space into an extraordinary oasis. 

Service Price $100.00 per hour/ 5 hour minimum 

Package Three: 

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In our most hands-on package, we provide all your home design needs. From start to finish, concept to closing, we are your home advocate. We sail through your interior design process and make everything a breeze. We work with you and for you to cultivate your custom home, right down to the smallest details.  Are you ready for a turnkey service? Rely on McKae Designs to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

***This is a custom design package, please inquire for more details****

Package Four: 
"Organizational Bliss"

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We tackle clutter and disorganization and bring harmony and balance to your house by turning your mayhem mess into a marvelous makeover. We show you techniques as well as providing organizational services.  Whether it's a closet, garage, or a whole kitchen, we will help get your house in tip top order. 

Service cost: $100 per hour/ 5 hour minimum + organizational supplies & materials. 

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Package Five: "Elevated Event" 

Take your party to the next level.
Let McKae Designs make your next occasion truly memorial and magical!

 **Please inquire for pricing and availability** 


A La Cart Services

 SINGLE ROOM DESIGN SESSION: A 3-hour design session 

Service cost: $300.00 for 3 hours+ $100.00 per hour over session time.


 $100.00 PER HOUR/2-hour minimum

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McKae Designs
"Transforming Ordinary Into Extraordinary"


Michaela O'Conner & Karen Page



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